Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Reports of a devalued Euro are sending EU"Euro Zone" countries (those who adopted the universal currency) into paroxysms of joy, or at least hope:


Personally, I couldn't be more disgusted. In yet another sign of my weariness of retail and my abject horror at the entanglements of a global marketplace, I read this and related articles. When I got to the part about how devaluing the Euro will help "Euro Zone" countries boost manufacturing and exports -- particularly of luxury goods, according to some reports -- all I could see in my mind's eye was an endless landscape of mountains of stuff. I was seeing the end of the life cycle for goods that had not yet been made.

Devalue currency.
Make more stuff.
Ship more stuff around the world.
Sell more stuff.
Overspend (with credit cards or whatever) in a flush of optimism (cue, "Happy Days are Here Again").
Consumer debt spirals out of control.

Am I the only one who sees where this could go, again?

Yeah, throw a party. Feel free. Parties never last and eventually someone has to clean up the leftovers.

It's hard to be excited about my work when I know that on some level it contributes to this mess.

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