Monday, June 21, 2010


This weekend, Sweetie and I went to the wedding of a friend. Her new husband is nuts about karaoke, so he hired a DJ who would provide music suitable for both singing and dancing to after the ceremony (which was conducted by Sweetie; the bride was her oldest friend from college). A glass of champagne helped me to get up and sing to the happy couple (when I wasn't looking at Sweetie and making all googly-eyes and stuff). The couple and wedding guests gushed, Sweetie blushed when I sang at her, and a grand time was had by all.

I have been off the bike since last Wednesday. Allergies, barometric pressure-induced wheezing and our trip Outta Town to attend the wedding mean I have mostly sat on my ass for the last five days. During our final two days in the warmer and drier climate, my wheezing subsided and the cough faded almost entirely. As SOON as we entered the Willamette Valley, all shrouded in clouds and fog, the wheezing returned and so did my cough. Sweetie is concerned that this is not allergies, but the possible development of asthma, which is exacerbated by cold and damp air.

I can't even handle the prospect of that possibility.

Tomorrow is the summer solstice, the longest day of the year. Mid-summer. And it's been so cold and wet for the last six weeks that I really don't feel like summer has really arrived yet. On top of that, the short-track season begins tomorrow night. And I know that there is really no way I can race. My lungs cannot handle it, my body is not prepared, and if I go out and try to race tomorrow I will probably DNF early in the race and cough and hack to death. So tomorrow I will go and do my volunteer shift, and probably not even try to race. I am frustrated. I would like things to warm up and dry out and I would really like to stop wheezing. I will call the doctor tomorrow morning and see what they say.

Meanwhile, here's a lovely teaser for the series, courtesy of the nice folks over at

STXC-10 'WHATS YOUR NUMBER' from PDX Race Videos on Vimeo.

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