Saturday, June 26, 2010

sunday parkways needs you!

The second installment of this season's Sunday Parkways is running tomorrow.
This year, five Parkways events are planned. The first, held last month in NE Portland (and including MY neighborhood this year!) was an unqualified success, attracting thousands of people to a 7-mile, car-free loop. Tomorrow's event will feature neighborhoods of North Portland, including some of Portland's oldest and most beloved city parks: Arbor Lodge, Kenton and Peninsula (including the Peninsula Rose Test Garden). As ever, there will be live music, dance, games for all ages and plenty of room to bike, walk, skate and skip rope.

sunday parkways '09

sunday parkways ne 2010

In short, Sunday Parkways is on its way to becoming a Portland institution.

But in order for that to happen, it needs everyone's help.

Sunday Parkways, even with so many hundred fo volunteers each month, still costs the city of Portland a lot of money to produce. This year, because of the recession and a budget shortfall, the city doesn't have enough money to run all five Parkways events without falling into the red.
This is where YOU can come in.

If you live in Portland and want to enjoy Sunday Parkways, consider kicking in a little change as a sort of Thank-You for the party.
If you live outside of Portland and want to take the message of Sunday Parkways to your town, consider kicking in a little change as a sort of rental fee for the details.
(After all, Portland's Sunday Parkways is a direct descendant of the Ciclovia from Bogota, Colombia, a fact we aren't shy about.)

To make a donation to Sunday Parkways, go here:

To volunteer at Sunday parkways -- they can always use more help -- go here:

I'll be in North Portland tomorrow, working the Roving Mechanic scene on my Surly cargo bike.
Maybe I'll see you there -- happy riding!

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