Thursday, July 15, 2010

rapha makes me slap my forehead

Yes, I know, I rag on Rapha from time to time.

But sometimes, man, they just have it coming.
Like today, when someone brought my attention to their new shop apron.
(Yes, it really costs 45 pounds, or $60.00US.)

When you spend $60.00 on a bike shop apron, are you less inclined to let it get greasy? I don't know but it just seems excessive to me. Most standard shop aprons cost less than $25.00 each; and if you get them at a generic industrial supply rather than a bike distributor they cost less than ten bucks.


I am obviously playing in a Different League.


lynnef said...

check out the care instructions. Wash warm. Do not tumble dry. You mean it SHRINKS? what kind of quality control is that?

bikelovejones said...


My cheap Continental Tires apron is nearly Carhartt-stiff, ugly; and shrank a bit when I washed it. However, it also cost something like five bucks.

Even if I had the money I wouldn't blow it on Rapha.

Yokota Fritz said...

More like US$70, but either way too much!

Harry Chung said...

hm... I feel like anyone who can play around with bikes has enough skills that s/he can make own apron. it's not like a high tech, form-fitted apron.

orc said...

Yes,but it does take some time to make. If you've got a stout sewing machine, it probably wouldn't take more than about half an hour to hem around the apron and put a row of pockets in, but not everyone has such a machine, and the alternative takes quite a bit longer.