Saturday, July 31, 2010

hype of the week: 2008 phantom regiment

Sometimes it's not about fast tempi or insanely technical snare licks. Sometimes the energy of a hype has to come from way down deep inside and move you at the roots. But it's still a hype, even if it doesn't look like one on the surface.

I sang an SATB version of Franz Biebl's Ave Maria over twenty years ago in a large, semi-professional choir. I never thought I'd be so moved again by any arrangement of this piece -- until I heard the Phantom Regiment play it several years ago and found myself blinking back tears.

This is Phantom in "concert" formation at the end of a show in 2008. The piece became such a popular part of their repertoire that it is now featured regularly whenever the corps plays an encore "standstill" after a show. Enjoy.


Mr. Fusion Jazz said...

Can one use the word "lovely" when referring to drum corps? Lovely!

bikelovejones said...

Lovely? Absolutely.

I'm already lining up two more videos, one pre-hype for OBRA Championships (in 2 weeks), and another to wrap up the short-track season. If you like Phantom, stay tuned.

shetha said...

oh definitely tear-jerking performance. I keep meaning to try and see the DCI competitions that come to hillsboro but I keep missing them! I have a Phantom Regiment short from the early 90s, somewhere. They always were my favorite. I guess they probably still are :-)