Sunday, August 1, 2010

omigod: two races in one night


I've just been corralled into the Team Relay Race tomorrow night at the finale of the PIR Short-track xc series.

Originally I was supposed to be a Lap Counter on the course during this race. I'd already been asked by another team if I'd be one of their racers and said no thanks, based on my volunteer assignment.

But... it seems that Kris, the organizer of the series, decided to put together a team of anyone who's volunteered at the series. The catch is that each team in the "just-for-fun" relay must have at least two women or juniors to sign up. Since all the other women who volunteered this summer (that I'm aware of, at least) are already on other relay teams, I am automatically a default member of Les Volontaires.

Thankfully, each rider on the team only races one lap around a shortened course that runs only on the moto track. So my suffering should be over quickly.

(What, I was gonna say no to the race promoter? Look, he knows how slow I am and he still asked, so I figure it's his funeral. On the bright side, he and course designer Tad are both on the team as well, so they'll more than make up for my lost time.)

Sweetie and some family and friends are coming tomorrow night to watch the singlespeed race. I don't expect them all to stick around till the relay, which is at the end of the evening. Still, it'll be fun. If I live through it.

Here's what the team relay looks like (from last year's finale):

STXC-09 'GRAND FINALE' from PDX Race Videos on Vimeo.

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