Friday, August 13, 2010

hype of the week: "classic" cavaliers (alumni corps)

This will be my last Hype Of The Week for short-track season, since my final short-track race is this weekend at OBRA Championships. Inspired by the number of over-40 women who are racing with me (and yes, also by the 59-y/o who plans to race 'cross this fall), I decided to go super old-school.

Ths is the Cavies alumni corps playing the drum corps classic "Bully" at a recent performance. These guys are playing vintage Rogers Dynasonic marching snares with shoulder slings and lower, deeper tuning, and their playing is so clean it brings tears to my eyes. (Warning: this is uber-geeky stuff, and not for the uninitiated or the faint of heart.)
Sound levels are rather high here -- and these 40- to 60-something-y/o brass players can really scream -- so turn the volume down! Listen especially for the timed open rolls near the middle of the video. OMG. Pure heaven.

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