Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Seven years ago today I married the most wonderful woman.

This is the woman who taught me how to cook more and helped me over my kitchen trauma; who taught me how to enjoy growing our own vegetables; whose face glows with a combination of disbelief and pride when she watches me race (even when I finish Dead Effing Last); and who tells me and shows me a zillion ways every day how she loves me.

She's terribly shy and won't let me show pictures of her (I carry one in my wallet and show it to friends when they ask anyway, when she's not around) and who self-deprecates sometimes to the point of frustration; but who sings so well, so beautifully and cleanly that she makes it easy and lovely to harmonize with and who fusses over me as if I matter more than anyone or anything. She's painfully smart, hilariously funny and pop-my-eyeballs-out beautiful; and while I know that we're all mortal, she's the one person who makes me wish we could live forever.

Seven years ago today we both said, "yes".
We keep saying yes every day in a thousand little ways.
And I feel grateful and blessed.

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