Monday, November 8, 2010

hillsboro evidence and results; future racing plans

Cyclocrossers of the Serengeti, engaging in the ritual bike wash at the communal watering hole:

(Special thanks to Einer Traa for the photo)

Results are in: I placed 28th out of 31 racers in Masters' Women 45+.
Over half of us managed three laps on a tough, muddy and long course.
I had a fantastic race experience and couldn't be more pleased.

I also had to make a decision about my next races. I was originally going to race at Barton Park next week but there's another event that I really want to go to the same day; and I would have had to race with Beginner Men in the morning in order to be at both events with transportation and clean-up time in between.

Then, Mielle told me that the OBRA State Championship race, which will be on November 20th in Salem, will offer a separate category for Womens' Singlespeed. To say that I had a Pavlovian response to this news would be an understatement.

Finally, Sweetie reminded me that we needed to dig a third bed and put the other two vegetable plots away for the winter; and, um, we really need to do that before it becomes winter for real. I looked out the window at our little garden and knew it needed some serious love, in the form of compost, cardboard, straw and some heavy lifting.

My choice became clear. I knew I would have to skip the Barton Park race and stay home next weekend, and try to make it to the OBRA race the weekend after that. I am still trying to score an ideal ride situation to and from Salem but I think that will happen soon. I am truly sorry to miss Barton, it's a really fun course and I was going to go out with my bike buddy Maria. But I need to maintain The Balance, and sometimes juggling all the pieces means I have to drop one.

So I am officially done with Cross Crusade this year. I am glad I went out on such an excellent note! I hope to make it to OBRA Championships, where I'm pretty sure there will be more than three women in the Womens' Singlespeed race and a medal is not such a sure thing by any means. I am still committed to (and signed up for) USGP-Portland next month, after which that will definitely be IT. (Hopefully, my bike -- whose bottom bracket and hubs are beginning to sound horrible, in spite of my best efforts, will make it to December 5th.)


EvoDavo said...

Be good to your hubs and BB. The alternatives are expensive. After Portland in 2008 I had water in my hubs, frame and rims among other spots. A healthy gob of Phil's can be a life saver. I know you know this, so consider this a gentle reminder.

bikelovejones said...

After I washed my bike, I grabbed the closest lube (lately I've been a fan of Pedro's Syn Lube for crummy conditions), and after oiling my chain I dribbled some into the BB and hubs. (Yes, there are sealed bearings in there, but I'm close enough to the end of my season that I'm going to try and baby them along on the cheap till December.)

The next day, I went to check on the bike and the cranks still crunch a tiny bit when I turn them. The hubs seem fine for now. I may end up swapping in some new BB bearings before USGP.

The more I consider upgrading, the less sense it makes to me. There's a whole lotta fancy to get crudded up by Portland course conditions, especially THIS year when the mud has been pretty epic so far.

On the other hand, the wheels that came stock with the Monocog are SUPER cheap, and the front one isn't holding true anymore; so I'll probably swap in something else soon and consider building up a nicer set for next year.

Judi said...

yea, ya gotta make those considerations when it comes to yer sweetie.