Sunday, November 21, 2010

OBRA CX: evidence photos and random bits

(Evidence photos, taken by Craig Ruby)

1. At the starting line. The Womens' Singlespeed field was 15 strong...

2. ...and we got our own call-ups. How cool.

3. Pretty sure this was my second lap. This drop-down, the only one of the course, should have delighted me; but by the time my 1 pm race was underway, several previous heats had degraded the course to the point where there were no decent lines left and it got a little dangerous. Pick the wrong line and you'd go into the tree at the bottom left of the track. I watched someone do this on my first lap as I was on way out to that section and he hit it head-on, pretty hard. I missed the tree every time, but it was a blind drop until you were right over it and it was a little scary.

This morning my body is reminding me that actually, I did crash, during my warmup. It was near the end of my hot laps, I was feeling fairly loose and, in preparation for the curb hops that I knew were part of the course, I decided to hop the curb near the tent and Mielle's car. I mis-timed the hop-up of my rear wheel, the tire caught the slippery curb in just the right place and began to fishtail out from under me -- and I absolutely bit it. I landed on the grass just above the curb, partly on my hip and partly on my backside, against both the curb and the waterbottle in my jersey pocket. Ow! Still, I had to laugh, and I did, right out loud, turning heads and causing a few smiles among the onlookers who had witnessed what became my graceful attempt at a pratfall.

I assume there will be a bruise there at some point.

The rest of me feels quite tired, wiped out actually. Stompy is still in the shed, as dirty as when Mielle brought me home last night. If I don't get to it today -- and I may not, if it stays cold and I feel pooped -- then I will take it to work tomorrow and give it some TLC at the end of my shift.


jjfantastic said...

i may have come in DFL in the beginner's field, but i was proud of myself for making it down that dropdown each lap. i don't know why they scare me so much! but i remembered to get my weight behind me saddle and stayed off the brakes and did it. yay! it was about the only thing i did well yesterday :) my legs were just NOT spinning with any force and the mud build-up on my front wheel/fork/brakes made it feel like i was pulling a boulder on a chain behind me for almost all of the 3 laps. *sigh* oh well, i finished and that's enough for me!

good to see you out there yesterday - congrats on your call up! and for pushing so hard for a women's SS category. it was awesome to see such good turnout yesterday!

bikelovejones said...

JJ -- good on you for conquering that drop! I think it was especially freaky because you couldn't see where it was going until you were right on top of it.
As for the mud -- I suspect the only people NOT dragging large boulders behind them were the winners in the Elite category. Everyone else I talked to in multiple categories said it was a very challenging course. So you should be thrilled at your participation, and encouraged by your progress this season.

Judi said...

i loved the pix!!! i am begging for a womens ss cat for next year. :) thanks for that inspiration.

bikelovejones said...

Judi -- I did not beg. Instead, I invited women who wanted to race SS to contact me with their name, team and contact inf -- and when I had a list of 50 women I negotiated with race promoters until one agreed to offer the category (PIR short-trac xc series this summer).

Cross Crusade didn't add it -- the reason given was that the start fields are too large and OBRA officials were almost as against it as the race promoter. But promoters of several smaller CX races offered it, and women showed up and raced it. When OBRA made it a state championship category for both short-track and CX -- and USAC followed suit for CrossNats -- I knew a corner had been turned.

Not sure how many women would race SS if a separate womens' category were offered where you live -- and that may be a good place to begin your research and networking. Good luck!