Monday, November 29, 2010

how cool is this?

So last year one of my bike racing pals started up a seasonal business delivering Christmas trees by bicycle. It was so successful that he hired additional riders and is doing it again this year. He also added Chanukah candle delivery; and today I received three boxes of Chanukah candles at the shop, delivered by a nice young man clad in a stylish messenger bag. Yessssss!

Forget about the future -- bicycle delivery is the wave of the Right Now.

(Sadly, Chanukah is a floating-time-sensitive holiday -- it starts Wednesday night -- so Max is already out of candles for the year. Mark your calendar and plan ahead for 2011, when Chanukah will begin at sundown on December 11 and end at sundown on December 19.)

However, If you live in Portland and are in the market for a Christmas tree, this is one cool way to get your greenery. Give Max a call and set it up. (BTW, Max's riders are allowed to accept tips, so feel free to kick in a little extra when you get your tree.)

I promise your tree cannot possibly arrive in grander style than this, at least not in Portland.

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