Friday, July 15, 2011

hype of the week: 1978 bridgemen

In the 1970's, the Bayonne Bridgemen were the Philadelphia Phillies of drum corps: scruffy, cocky, with ponytails and facial hair and swagger. Their "banana coat" uniforms were decidedly UN-militaristic. In an era when color guards were still expected to march high-step and do little more than present the colors, the Bridgemen color guard was doing shoulder rolls and booby shakes like a salsa line at Carnival. They weren't always clean, but they were always entertaining.

For your viewing pleasure: "Spanish Dreams" from their 1978 DCI Finals show. I don't know what the guard designer was thinking (what IS the rifle line wearing? They look like blue space suits), but there are some great horn solos and good shot of drumline intensity at around 2:18. Enjoy, and see you at the races, where I promise to do better this time.

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