Friday, July 8, 2011

hype of the week: 1979 spirit of atlanta, "let it be me"

Hype time returns with a blast from an era When Amplification Was Not Required In Drum Corps.

Last year's Hype of the Week fans will remember another clip from Spirit, owners of The Loudest Horn Line On Earth from the late 1970's up through around 1990. This year, Sprit returns to the Hype lineup with one of the most memorable closers in DCI history, from the 1979 Finals. People actually left the stadium humming this tune!

There's some nice close-up footage of the rifle line (was 1979 their first year with a co-ed guard? Not sure), a few good shots of the timp line (this was before grounded percussion, back when we carried our timpani -- this is the SOLE reason Yours Truly is round-shouldered and sway-backed today), and some wide shots of the drill -- dig the full company front at around 2:16. (Park-It-And-Blow commences at around 2:51).

If you want something approximating the danger element of this hornline, it's probably best to plug in the headphones before you turn up the volume.
Enjoy, and I'll see you at the races.


Mr. Fusion Jazz said...

Gosh, you are really coming through for me on your "hype of the week". Another good post. Thanks.

On an interesting side note, I found out just recently that the dad of one of my wife's students was the drum major for the Velvet Knights in the late 80's. Had fun chatting with him.

Best of luck at the race.

Cheers, Gene in Tacoma.

bikelovejones said...

Gene -- Happy to oblige!

So did this guy march in the era of the Hawaiian shirts and Vans sneakers? VK was awesome back then; they really knew how to combine sophistication with slapstick and still play the crap out of everything.

When are you coming down to see a bike race?


Stay tuned -- I'm gonna reach even further back in the remaining weeks of short-track season.

Mr. Fusion Jazz said...

Hmmm, visit Portland to see a bike race? That's a thought. Not sure if I could work out the timing but I have been looking at some of the OR brevets. Would be fun to cheer you on and a pleasure to meet you in person.

By way of introduction, I found your blog through Kent Peterson. Then I read with interest about his tour around WA (and Portland) when he was with BAW. It was fun to see photos of the people he visited. He didn't have a meeting planned in Tacoma so he and I had dinner at the Harmon. You can read about it on his blog. And yes, he posted a pic.

Regarding VK, the tradition of "fun" was firmly established by the time he was drum major (89) and they were able to compete in the finals. The exchange in 1982 between the VK and Blue Devil drum majors is classic.