Tuesday, July 26, 2011

short-track update: one week to go

Checking the OBRA results page for last night's race, I discovered that OBRA officials did not give credit for the first lap to anyone (presumably because it was a start lap). I was given credit for only two laps but I assure you I crossed the finish line three times. Really.

Series standings after seven out of eight races (showing top five spots only, as racers beyond that raced the category fewer than four times):

Place - Name/Team - Total points
1 - Susan Sherman/Showers Pass - 170
2 - Shawn Postera/ - 149
3 - Kristin Bott/Team Slow - 108
4 - Beth Hamon/Team Slow - 94
5 - Dani Dance/River City Bicycles - 75

Points are awarded for the top fifteen places (consider that most categories have more racers than that and Womens' Singlespeed is in only its second year as a separate category). The top 4 overall have raced nearly every week of the series (or, in my case, I've raced every week but DNF'd once). At the end of the series the lowest score of the eight will be tossed out and the remaining seven tallied for final overall placement. Based on the math, it looks like I have a chance to move up a spot from last year's placement, to fourth overall. If this happens I may throw a party. Or something.

This morning I felt surprisingly good. I slept better last night and woke up feeling more rested. My legs were tired on the commute to work but did not protest when I asked them to push up Sabin Hill just a little harder. There was no pain. It was an amazing sensation, to feel tired and stronger at the same time. I am enjoying these moments of notcing the positive changes in myself this year. I'd like to use them as a base for what might be possible with more focused preparation over the winter. (I guess that's another way of saying that, although I've recently scored a geard mountain bike, I'm not really ready to give up racing singlespeed just yet.)

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