Monday, July 4, 2011

rest and recovery

Tonight as I type this, too many of our neighbors in this block and the next are setting off illegal fireworks. They are ridiculously loud and they are terrifying one of our cats (the other seems almost unaffected by the noise, a phenomenon I can't explain). We are trying to be as comforting as we can.


We got home today from a few days camping in Central Oregon, part of my much-needed rest and recovery plan. Not only did I need a break from riding and racing, I also needed a serious break from the various and sundry woes of my modern life. So did Sweetie. So off we went to dip our feet the healing waters of the Metolius River.

We settled into our campsite and became acquainted with the flora...



...and the fauna...

(a Cascades frog, or so we think)


(some kind of baby caterpillar hatchling sac; these were hanging on bushes by the thousands in our campsite)


We found time to hike and swim, sing and make Shabbat, and to enjoy each other in a very quiet, green place of incredible beauty. And that was really what we needed more than anything.

(on the trail to Cabot Lake, hiking through a burn area from the B & B fire)

on the way to cabot lake

I'm not really ready to return to work tomorrow.
Our weekend was simple, sweet and beautiful, and too short.


Judi said...

glad you got in some rest and relaxation. it was much deserved. good to listen to your body.

so, you were an inspiration for me when i quit the job. you are doing something you love, and that really inspired me. thanks beth.

bikelovejones said...

Judi -- Wow. Your comment is especially ironic because I am at the beginning of what could be a rather amazing journey of transition right now. Details later. I'm touched to know I've inspired you -- after all, you've been inspiring me since we met (right now my screen-saver has a photo of you rounding the corner at that crit).

I am wrestling in the finest tradition of the tribe. The trip will be interesting. I promise to keep you posted.