Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Coffeeneuring Challenge 2012 # 4: northeast portland as coffee desert

With my in-laws in town and my work schedule being so odd these days, I tried to get in a quick, brisk ride today for coffee. I learned that, after 4 pm, much of my part of Northeast Portland becomes a virtual coffee desert. In an effort to follow the rules, I rode my bike briskly to the grocery store, contemplated hitting the Starbucks across the street (but if I'd ridden there straightaway then it wouldn't have been the minimum one-mile distance and at this point I was still all for following the rules), and then kept riding in a big loop to Peninsula Park.

Then I rode around to AJ Cafe on the corner of NE Rosa Parks and Albina - and it had closed at 3 pm. I looped over and headed east on Rosa Parks and checked at Cafe Eleven, corner of Rosa Parks and 6th Avenue. It had also closed at 3 pm. Finally, I turned north and rode down the short hill to NE Dekum Street and pulled up in front of Woodlawn Coffee (NE Dekum and 9th) -- which had closed at 4 pm -- fifteen minutes before I'd pulled up.

Screw it. I tried, and nothing was open. Welcome to the part of North/Northeast Portland where trendy coffee houses are still trying to gain a cultural toehold, or something like that. Anyway, I'd already drunk my fill of coffee earlier in the day and didn't really need anymore. Technically, I have no more days off until Saturday -- and that's Shabbat, so I'd prefer not to spend my time looking for coffee shops on my bike. Plus, the contest assumes only two days off (I think because it's being run by someone who has a more typical job and work scheduled than I do. Fair enough) and I've shot my wad for the week.

Total mileage: 3.5 miles.

I'll assume that this doesn't count for the contest, but -- ..::shrug::.. -- whatever.
I was still glad to get outside and shake off the morning's lethargy, and I got home just seconds ahead of a beautiful fall cloudburst; so I call it a win.

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