Saturday, October 6, 2012

what to say? and why?

I am lately torn between wanting to figure out a way to publicly tell my story (about why I no longer work in the bicycle industry, or at Citybikes in particular), and remaining silent. However, there are two issues at work:

1. Timeliness. It seems that the latest buzz has already begun to die down over at One the one hand, this would be a good thing for the co-op; on the other hand it would also be good for the former co-worker who lied to me and whose political activities and associations are at the center of the controversy. Not being under the immediate glare of a large magnifying glass will give everyone more breathing room, whether they deserve it or not.

(A secondary consideration for me is that the majority of the commenters seem to be in favor of free speech all the time, no matter whom is hurt by it. I am beginning to wonder if it matters whom is being hurt. Modern liberal society in a ferociously blue place like Portland tends to protest more loudly when only certain groups are perceived as somehow being "under fire",  even figuratively; other groups get short shrift in both peoples' thinking and in public discourse. But I digress.)

2. The risk of speaking out publicly and getting drawn into an ongoing pissing contest of "he said, she said" is something that would not serve me well emotionally or practically.

It is highly possible that the window of opportunity is closing rapidly, after which anything I say won't matter. I don't know how I feel about this, and I don't know why I feel a need to speak now.

Ultimately, how important is one little bike cooperative, and a highly dysfunctional one at that? And how important is it for me to speak up now? I may never come up with a satisfactory answer.

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