Saturday, October 13, 2012

seasonal wardrobe disorder

The rainy season has finally begun in Portland -- after a record eighty days without any noticable precipitation. For the next few weeks I will have a tough time knowing how to dress.

Do I overdress for the initial cold and shed layers as I go through the morning?
Do I bring extra clothes in my bag "just in case"?
Do I dress for the majority of my day, and suck it up for the first, coldest part of the ride?

It's a quandry. Now that I am hauling piles of big books to and from my teaching gig, there's less room in a single pannier for extra clothing. And now that I am making more of my living from singing in shul I have to be careful about covering my head and throat when I go out, so I don't get sick. (The first piece of cold-weather gear I pull out each fall is my wool neck gaiter.)

About the only sure thing for now is knowing what my leather saddle ought to wear. The rain cover went back on this weekend and I expect it to mostly stay there through the fall and winter.
If only dressing myself were as simple.

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