Saturday, October 3, 2015

coffeeneuring challenge 2015:1 - Ps & Qs Market

I had originally planned to begin the 2015 Challenge on Sunday but found myself with an errand and therefore an excuse to ride my bike. I left the house, rode directly to the store for what we needed, and then proceeded to take a beautiful, leisurely loop around the neighborhood, out along Ainsworth and around Overlook, looping back to Killingsworth. I cut over all the way back to Rosa Parks along  N. Denver and then back into Woodlawn neighborhood and home.

Stops along the way: Ps & Qs Market, where I got coffee to go; Peninsula Park, where I enjoyed a cool breeze and snalled evidence photos; and Overlook neighborhood where I basked in sunshine and a beautiful autumn-blue sky. I even tried my hand at some video, though I am no expert and don't have a GoPro. It turned out okay for an amateur effort. This was my first time incorporating video and music, and it took me over an hour to figure out how to put together a 38-second video. (I'm sure the more tecnologically-able out there could do it in mere minutes...)

The coffee at Ps and Qs was pretty good and stayed hot in my battered Klean Kanteen thermal cup. It's self-serve at the front counter, from a hot-pot that is refilled pretty regularly.
The only thing with Ps and Qs is that service tends to be slow and inconsistent; I helped myself and left money on the counter, and that seemed appropriate.
If you want to order a sit-down meal, everything is pretty tasty (albeit slightly overpriced, reflecting the rapidity with which my neighborhood has been gentrified). But be prepared to wait awhile for attention and your food.

Music from the title song of my album "Ten Miles". For more info:

I'll be logging ride number two tomorrow.
Happy riding and happy coffeeneuring!

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