Friday, January 5, 2018

off-season coffeeneuring 2018: #3

A lovely loop today, on a sunny afternoon between rainy fronts.
Along the way I got some supplies at Harbor Freight (what would any of us tinkerers do without Harbor Freight?), grabbed some coffee and a peanut-chocolate krispy bar at New Seasons, and enjoyed the sunbreaks through the clouds as I pedaled. I could feel my mood lighten, proof again that riding a bike is usually a good idea.
(It also helped that the temps were warmer today, with highs near 50F.)
It's hard sometimes to describe what riding feels like, especially to friends who don't ride.
I'm slower these days, but when I turn the cranks my form still feels as smooth and easy as when I raced. And the form feels good enough to more than make up for my lack of speed. Riding up and down the back alleys was nice in the late afternoon sun as I rolled over gravel and potholes and grassy stubs.
It just felt really nice to get out and ride. I'll do some more tomorrow.

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