Wednesday, January 3, 2018

really, no big deal here.

This week, while I fight sleep deprivation due to caring for a family member, and try to book more gigs, and hope to get in a bike ride or three, I get this weather report:

Before my non-Portland readers get wigged out, you should know that this is fairly typical winter weather here. When it rains, the temps hover in the low to mid 40sF. When it's dry, the lows drop down to freezing or a little below.
Extremes like cold snaps in the teens, or snow and ice, are not a frequent occurrence here. Yes, we'll see that sometimes, but not cnsistently throughout the winter. Most of the time, it sort of looks like this.
Relax. If I manage to find the energy to ride, I'll have full fenders, raingear and woolies. And I won't drown. Really, our weather is no big deal here.
So give a little love to Florida, where they are seeing lows below freezing and have every reason to freak out. Their oranges -- OUR oranges, really -- are dying from the frost. And Floridians generally do not own whole trunkloads of winter wear (unless they ski in Vail every year, but why would you live in Florida if you love to ski? Moce to Colorado and be done with it).
Perhaps a wool sock drive for South Miami is in order.

Meanwhile, here in Portland, I'll put on a heavy sweater and snuggle on the couch with the cat.
Winter is a great time to be a cat, or anything else completely covered in fur.
Stay warm, and happy riding!

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