Friday, June 17, 2011

hype of the week: 1992 crossmen

The Crossmen were just plain cool, especially when they were still based in Pennsylvania and had the white aussie-style hats. (The move to Texas also saw a move to shakos. Yawn.)

Here's a section from their 1992 DCI championship program. At 1:24 into the video, listen for the contras (what today are called -- ick -- tubas. DCI's decision to move from two-valved G bugles to three-valved Bb band brass really killed it for a lot of diehard alums and fans, but that's another post) and their big solo entrance -- and dig how fat they sound. Awesome stuff. Also some excellent footage of the snare line early on, great marching and fun visuals. (Though what on earth is the guard wearing? Ugh.) This one's just big, brassy and fun. Enjoy, and see you at short-track.

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