Thursday, June 9, 2011

post-face follow-up and other random notes

1. On Wednesday morning -- about 36 hours after my race -- my thighs felt like someone had pummeled them with a 9-pound sledgehammer. Lactic acid build-up was still making its way through and out of my body. (Note to self: stretch more after the race, and again, gently, before retiring for the night.) Not sure how I will feel by next Monday, but that's the beauty of signing up for the whole series at the start: it kind of commits you to see things through. I'm happy with my three laps and the way I handled the bike but would like to somehow not be the very last person on the course next time.

2. Yeshiva University Museum -- remember those guys? -- sent me a letter acknowledging receipt of my contribution to their collection. We'd originally talked about my sending them candlesticks and a mezuzah. By the time the form was emailed to me to print out, sign and enclose with the pieces, I was so tickled by the whole thing that I tossed in a yad for them, too. Quote from the director of the museum: "These pieces capture the creative and playful spirit of your work, your inventive use of materials, and your re-interpretation of traditional Jewish motifs through the lens of contemporary, urban -- specifically, cycling! -- culture. As a New York institution dedicated to the artistic interpretation of Jewish culture and themes, we are pleased to have your work become part of our collection."

I'm pretty darned pleased, too; and if I ever make it back to New York I'll be sure to stop by and check out the museum.

3. Sweetie and I celebrated Shavuot -- the Jewish holiday celebrating both first fruits and the receiving of the Torah at Sinai -- by going to an unusual and hip event that featured study sessions and live music. The headliner -- and our reason for going -- was the New York band Girls In Trouble, headed up by Portland native Alicia Jo Rabins. Sweetie got to interview her for both her radio show and for an article she recently wrote for the Jewish Review, so she was able to get us comped (I love that she can get us into concerts and shows!).

The band began as a song cycle Rabins was writing in lieu of a masters' thesis, on oppressed or underrepresented women figures in Torah. They now have two albums out and both are excellent. The event was held at The Woods, a new venue in the Sellwood neighborhood that was opened inside what used to be a funeral parlor. Saw several good friends from the Jewish community there. Love the room -- it has an adorable, tiny stage and nice hardwood floors -- and I would love to play a show there myself sometime.

4. Summer has finally poked its head around the corner and is looking into the room that is Portland. Sunny days in the low 70's are on tap this week, and I am hopeful for some really warm weather soon.

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