Friday, June 24, 2011

hype of the week: 2009 parking lot smackdown!

This week's hype brings us a very rare bit of footage: some good-natured parking lot smackdown between members of the Concord Blue Devils and the Canton Bluecoats. Stuff like this doesn't get on Youtube often so when I found it I knew I had to share. If you listen carefully, the snare drummer on the right messes up shortly after the start of his luck, drops a little F-bomb (in public, in partial uniform, at a drum corps show??! Drop and gimme twenty, maggot!), and begins again.

(Regarding the bit at the end when all four drummers play together -- how can these guys know the same stuff? Simple: either one of them marched in the other corps once upon a time, or -- more likely -- they were trading riffs on a commonly-known drumline warmup. These warmups get passed around all over the drum corps world, especially now with the advent of electronic chart-writing.)

Good stuff, lots of fun. Look for me at Sunday Parkways North this weekend, and look for our team in our new jerseys (yesssss!) on Monday out at PIR. Enjoy!

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Mr. Fusion Jazz said...

What a blast! Thanks. Best of luck in your next race. Cheers.

Gene in Tacoma