Wednesday, June 15, 2011

photos from short-track # 2

First two photos taken by Audrey Addison and used with permission.

On the course:

The beautiful thing about this shot is that the two women out front -- me and Pam, in the yellow-and-red jersey -- are both well into the Masters' 45+ age group and having a blast out there. LADIES! Unless you're pushing 80 you're probably not too old to try short-track -- come on out and give it a go!

Heading up the berms on the backside rhythm section:

SO tough to ride this section!

Silhouette shot by Shane Young, used with permission:

Shane was raving about the beautiful light behind the clouds during the kiddie races and was hoping for some good backlit shots like this. I'm glad he got his wish.

Tonight, Team Slow will be out at Mt. Tabor cheering on the truly insane teammates who are racing on the pavement. Racing starts around 5:30. Look for us in our orange cycling caps and say hi.


Judi said...

that last picture is beautiful. get that one framed. what an awesome course it looks like.

portlandia season 2 is coming soon and i am excited. ive been watching reruns wishing i lived there.

Davo said...

Way to go. Weight training helps eh ?

bikelovejones said...

@ Davo: Indeed. It's not making me faster, but it has made me stronger. In the wake of the experience of actually RIDING up more berms, it also seems to have given me a burst of confidence that I sorely needed.

Last night I rode up to Mt. Tabor to watch friends in the road race, then rode back down the mountain and over to a sponsor's for dinner. After dinner, rode home (up another hill that was once a teeny-tiny dead volcano -- Portland's full of 'em) at a furious pace that, in retrospect, surprised me. And I paid for it this morning when I woke up and felt s-l-o-w. (Today is a "rest" day, with some multi-modal action on the commute.)

But it felt SO good to push myself up the climbs. My lungs definitely felt taxed, but my legs felt SO strong! I am definitely in like with my new legs. It's such an amazing difference between last year and now.

bikelovejones said...

@ Judi: You don't have to move here, just visit. And come during the summer so you can play on our short-track course. The motorcycles get it during the weekend, and the mountain bikes come out to play Monday nights through August 1. Seriously, we have an air mattress, two adorable kitties and a guitar just waiting for you. (And Dom can go play at Burnside and wow the skateboard children with his BMX tricks.)
Come visit!