Saturday, April 5, 2014

stolen trailer: update

UPDATE: An email from one of my bicycle buddies has just informed me that my "old" (stolen) trailer had been spotted at a "very rough-looking" homeless encampment in east Multnomah County, some fifteen miles from where I live. It was piled high with camping gear and other stuff, and beng towed by a big, tall guy who looked like he might be mentally altered in some way (unable to hold a straight line while he pedaled, menacing-looking expression).
Lesson: Poverty is real, and it sucks, and it drives some people to desperate acts. Whoever stole my trailer was desperate enough to think he needed it more than I did. I am blessed with employment that enabled me to save up and buy another used trailer to fix up and use, and one that folds so I can lock it up inside at night.
That's life in this world today. In cities across America, distinctions of "have" and "have not" are being reduced to a much more base level than before. I'm not a "have" because I am healthy enough to be able to rely on a bicycle trailer to haul with I need, but because I have a job that allowed me to buy a trailer instead of stealing one.

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