Saturday, April 5, 2014

thirty days of biking: day five

Sometimes you just have to go get stuff. First, an egg pickup from our friend whose urban chicken condo is in full production right now (so local, so organic, happy chickens, no guilt). Then, it was off to the lumber yard to get a couple bags of wood pellets. I would've waited till Monday if we weren't so close to being out; I prefer not having to go to stores on Saturday. But our supply wouldn't have lasted the cats two days, and it was a nice ride all the same.

The guys at the lumber yard are totally fine about letting me roll right into the warehouse where the bags of pellets are stacked up, though they do insist on loading my trailer for me. The "new" trailer date from the late 90's and is rated to carry up to 100 lbs. I probably could have managed another 40 lb. bag; but storage space at home dictated that I stop at two bags.

The ride home was short and sweet. Today's weather: high of 55F, with light showers on and off throughout the day. Starting Monday it's supposed to warm up quite a lot -- into the 70s!

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