Thursday, April 3, 2014

thirty days of biking: day three

Between errands, teaching and a stop at my favorite espresso bar, my day was complete -- and a little tiring. I began by picking up the lawn mower from our local sharpener, in my new [to me] trailer. The shop is nearer to our house since gentrification forced the business farther north; but you couldn't tell they'd moved recently. I won't give the name or location in case OSHA decides to do a spot-check.

After comng home, unloading and storing the trailer and mower, I relaxed for a little while until it was time to go into town and teach. After a rambunctious (but fun) class with my fifth graders, I opted to go multi-modal so I could catch light-rail up the big hill to Overlook before pedaling the rest of the way home.

Had to restock coffee before they closed at 4! Nossa Familia Espresso Bar, NW 13th and Johnson

Theodoro's Italian Roast. Medium-Dark, with hints of chocolate. Fresh-ground to suit while you wait. Get some.

Old Town Station, across the street from Sisters of the Road Cafe.

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