Monday, April 7, 2014

thirty days of biking: day seven

A lovely morning that started out cool and got warm quickly! Sunny and bright, with a high of 70F!

Met a friend to catch up over at the library; then looped around the neighborhood before heading back to the house to do some yard work and hang out with Sweetie in the sun. Headed out again in the afternoon to meet students. A beautiful day, and the ride home in the cool, delicious evening air was heavenly.

Bike Polo House, NE Portland. Note the polo mallets used to repair the missing posts.

Foreclosures have slowed down but are still a real problem in inner eastside Portland. A number of homes have these signs in their yards, urging neighbors who are struggling with their banks to stay and fight.

Sweetie uses this library all the time for her work as a freelance writer/researcher. She and the librarians get along swimmingly; every now and then she bakes them cookies.

April gets busier for me now, with preparations for Passover around the corner and planning for the remainder of the school year consuming more of my time and energy. So for the remainder of this glorious month of daily rides, I will save up the best photos of the week's rides and post them each Friday morning. Happy riding!

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