Friday, April 25, 2014

thirty days of biking: week four highlights

So I have to make an admission: I was not able to ride thirty straight days in a row. The fact is that, due to obligations around the Passover holiday, there was not any time for me to get a bicycle ride in, even a ceremonial one, early in the holiday.  So I will not have biked for thirty days when it's all over. That said, twenty-nine of out thirty isn't bad, especially in car-centric America.

Not sure whether the car or its truck needed more help. N. Killingsworth St.

N. Mississippi Avenue, testing the Kansas bike again. I'll probably take another couple of rides on it before I box it up for shipping (to, well, Kansas).

Seen in a shop window on N. Mississippi. Honestly. Pretty sure I'd find this only in Portland.

And yes, someone actually tried to saw through a city-installed bicycle rack.

Benson Bubbler, downtown. These were a gift to the city from noted timber baron and philanthropist Simon Benson. The high school where I coached marching band for years is named for him -- Benson Polytecnic High School is the only one of the city's original high schools not named for a US president.

I will post a few final shots from the final half-week of riding, April 27 through 30, next week. Cheers and happy riding!

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