Monday, December 6, 2010

old-school: 1996 cyclocross

Earlier this fall, Oregon Public Broadcasting brought a camera crew out to one of the Cross Crusade races to shoot some film for an upcoming broadcast of Oregon Field Guide. Wondering when I might hope to see the spot air, I checked out OPB's web site. I didn't find mention of any upcoming cyclocross coverage, but I did find this gem from a 1996 Field Guide broadcast.

Dig the clothes (gym shorts over tights! Sweatshirts! Hiking shoes with flat pedals!). Dig the glasses (gigantic, face-eating Oakleys!) And dig the bikes! Almost everyone in this footage is riding a mountain bike; the handful of folks who are riding road bikes are using flat mountain bars. It was a different time for sure. Also a treat is seeing some older race venues that don't get used now, like Pier Park in Portland and Willamette Mission Park in Salem.

Some things about 'cross have changed, and as this video shows, some have not. Enjoy.

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