Monday, November 30, 2020

Nothing to see here just now, except my new trailer

On November 11, I had the second of two eye surgeries for cataract removal and partial corneal transplant due to Fuch's Dystrophy. The first surgery on my left eye in September had been successful, with the only hiccup being the need to apply a second bubble to my eye to help with healing. By the time I was preparing for the second surgery my left eye had clearer vision and felt fine. I had no reason to expect a different outcome the second time around.
Sadly, there have been ongoing complications with my right eye,  requiring not one but two bubble re-applications. I was advised that if the second re-bubble didn't work, there was likely a problem with the transplant and I would have to go in for a complete do-over of the surgery on my right eye.
It has been a week and a half since the second re-bubble. In that time, there's been no improvement. I have a followup this Thursday and it's likely I'll have to start all over with this eye.

I tell you all this because it's why I can't ride a bike, or even walk very far. I have NO depth perception and that makes riding dangerous and walking risky on old, uneven sidewalks.
So I'm antsy to return to riding but I know it will be quite awhile before I can.

I've tried to stay busy otherwise, mostly by drumming daily and also by upgrading/downsizing my trailer. I sold the old Burley kid trailer I'd had for years, and replaced it with a used Travoy. I don't plan to haul guitar and amp to gigs anymore -- I'll take the bus or catch a ride as needed -- so having a big trailer no longer made sense. The Travoy comes highly recommended by friends and it folds down small enough to fit inside its own large fabric shopping bag. I bought an extra bracket and wheel guards to make it a little nicer; and I'll sew a rain cover from an old waterproof laundry bag. I think it will be perfect or larger grocery runs and scavenging at yard sales.

                                                                                        I got the previous model (2010-2019),  which is shown here:.     
Below it is the 2020 model which has a few new features but is essentially the same trailer made a little fancier.

For now, I'm content to wait and heal. But I'll be dreaming of bicycle rides to come.

Happy riding!