Tuesday, August 2, 2011

a last backward glance: short track memories

Photos from last night's festivities:

A couple of pix from Tomas -- Womens' Singlespeeders out of the gate and looking for the illusive holeshot:


A very dusty and wild short-track course:


Team Slow representing at the podium awards party and schwag toss (that's what I look like when I'm trying to take a picture with my own camera. I'm amazed I got the shot):

PIR short-track finale

Kristin enjoying her podium (she's on the far left, having won third place in the series overall for Womens' Singlespeed):

PIR short-track finale

This morning I felt a little tired. In spite of how underslept I was, I rode part of the way to work, and ran errands for the shop at lunchtime. The telltale sign came as I attempted to power my way up a short, steep climb on SE 9th between Washington and Stark Streets, and when my brain sent the message to my legs nothing happened. I mean nothing. My legs felt dead and unresponsive. I dropped into a lower gear -- I was on my city bike -- and spun in a too-easy gear back to the shop.
When I left to go home a few hours later, my legs told me they'd had enough, and I tossed my bike on transit for the ride home. Tonight my quads are a little stiff and sore. I'm hoping that stretching, a hot shower and some more stretching will help. But overall I'm pretty happy with how the short-track season went.

Now I take a break from serious cycling to enjoy time with family and friends. I'll get back into the swing of things and begin my cyclocross preparations (more stretching, running and barrier work) in about a week to ten days.


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