Friday, March 30, 2012

still here. for now.

Although this blog has been woefully neglected since the end of cyclocross season, I am still here, and still riding my bike. Most days, anyway.

Since coming to the realization that I needed to evolve aspects of my life or go crazy, I have had to come to terms with the danger of burning out on bicycles in general. The fact that I am currently working at two jobs and therefore short on free time has made it easier for me to make a move away from some aspects of bicycle culture:

1. I am very likely not racing at all this year, though I will go to some races (especially Tabor, when school's out) to cheer on my teammates. I have asked my team to take a leave-of-absence from racing for the year and will reassess if and when time and resources permit me to think about racing again. But between figuring out work schedules for two jobs and the demands of wrenching nearly full-time this summer, there is just no time to train and very little money with which to race.

2. I have unloaded a good deal of my archive of Rivendell catalogs and Readers. I got my use out of them and just didn't feel the need to own them anymore. Plus, much as I adore GP, he has really begun to repeat himself in his writing about bicycles, and since I know his drill I didn't see the need to buy another paper copy of the Reader at this point.

2a. I may also unload some of my collection of bicycle technical manuals. Stay tuned.

3. I am probably going to unload quite a bit of cycling clothing and gear this year. Turns out that at least one aspect of GP's advice seems to be taking hold with me, and that is the knowledge that I just don't need so much lycra for riding anymore. Especially since I have probably raced my last cyclocross race anyway (and that's when I needed most of the gear).

4. Selling a bike or two to make space is an option. I have only one butt; why own five bikes? The three that I use most regularly seem to be plenty.

5. I may arrive at a point where I stopp blogging pretty much altogether. It takes time and energy that I feel I want to direct elsewhere for now. and I have other ways to connect with folks online anyway.

Realizing all this doesn't bother me. It feels like a natural step in a progression of steps that I am consciously taking on my way to Somewhere Else. It feels okay.

Happy riding!

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