Tuesday, May 1, 2012

sexysexybike: hillborne

This utterly gorgeous Hillborne came into the shop for some deep love.

a. Sexy fork crown:

b. Double top tube. When you're this tall it starts to make a lot more sense:

c. Jack Brown tires:

This bike is a stunner!  Can't wait to see it out on the roads.

I've been riding The Rivvy again these days -- I'd left off from it during the winter but lately I've just been in the mood. Mostly comfortable, though at times I feel like I'm reaching a bit farther than I'd like. I only have one stem length shorter to go in this model and if that doesn't work I'm not sure what I'll do. But mostly it's been nice to ride the Rivvy again. I feel sleek and smooth on it.

(On a ride last week, heading to my teaching gig on the Rivvy. Still a lovely bike after all these years.)

Heading out this morning to my last Citybikes Retreat as an owner. My last official day as an owner at Citybikes co-op will be August 30. It feels a little strange, but it's definitely a relief to have made the leap.
Happy Tuesday!

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