Sunday, June 24, 2012

want to trade: my 55cm riv longlow for your 53 cm riv atlantis

After hemming and hawing, trying to ride this bike multiple times and always coming home unhappy and uncomfortable regardless of the setup, and realizing that this frame's sizing and geometry just isn't working for me anymore, the time has come for me to let go of the LongLow. 
Ideally, I'd like to trade framesets straight across for a 53cm Atlantis. 
Failing that, I will probably clean it up and sell it as a whole bike.
Here's the deets:

1999 Rivendell LongLow light touring bike. 55cm square (top tube and seat tube), originally designated as a "custom short", indicating that this was a custom built with a shorter-than-normal top tube, which in those days was about as close as Rivendell would get to designing a womens' specific frame without actually calling it one. Includes the second generation of Rivendell lugs, for which Grant Peterson deliberately delayed my frame so it would have them. Hand-built by Joe Starck. Ridden a lot, mostly for commuting and a few lightly-loaded weekend tours. If I had to estimate mileage I'd say it's been ridden an average of 1,500 miles a year for the last 13 years (mileage went down significantly beginning in 2007 so the overall average went down as well).

Beausage abounds, this bike has its original paint job from 1999; kickstand and heavy U-lock use shows up in the paint and the bike has been touched up with various shades of paint-pen and my niece's nail polish. There is a tiny dent in the top tube near the saddle (a friend accidentally dropped something on the bike while it was parked, it does not compromise the structural integrity and you have to look to find it). Will accept most 700 x 32mm tires with fenders, but absolutely no bigger; currently running Schwalbe Marathons in 32 and they fit.
If someone wants to swap me a Rivendell Atlantis in 53 cm, that's the ideal scenario. 
(I've always wanted an Atlantis; that model was in prototype testing when I ordered the LongLow and not quite available for sale to the general public. If it had been, I would've ordered an Atlantis instead.)

Current buildup includes:
Ritchey Logic headset
Shimano cartridge bottom bracket
Shimano triple cranks, 170mm length
Shimano Deore rear derailleur (new style), Alivio front derailleur (older style)
Suntour power-ratchet friction shifters (on the stem, best shifters ever made IMHO)
Shimano aero brake levers, Tektro long-reach caliper brakes (note: custom build NOT spec'd for cantis)
Nitto technomic stem (70mm) and Noodle Bar (42cm)
Velo Orange aluminum fenders (early generation, not polished)
Wheels: The wheels currently on this bike are pretty worn out and so if I have to sell this as a whole bike I will include a generic new wheelset with freewheel hub and basic double-walled rims, with your choice of used Schwaleb Marathons or brand new Rubena Flash tires.
If no one has an Atlantis to swap, then I will sell this as a whole bike (except for pedals and saddle). 
I am willing to ship frameset by mail if swapping frameset only.
If I must sell as a whole bike I'd really prefer not to ship outside my area as boxing and shipping this bike without a car and my life is so insanely busy this summer that I just don't have the time to work out the logistics.

(If you want to buy the whole bike I will include an extensive notebook of all the emails and other notes leading up to the building of this bike, including the spec sheet from Rivendell. I saved all this stuff for historic purposes but don't feel as emotionally attached to it as I once did. I'll also toss in caliper brake pads and other extra minor bits that I will no longer need.)
I am really trying to swap frames if possible!
If that doesn't happen then I'll come up with a whole-bike price.

Photos of this bike in various versions/builds over the years can be found here:

Note to folks who have followed the adventures of this bike over the years: Don't be sad! I am getting older, my body is shrinking and it is time for me to consider a bicycling life that does not include this bike. In order for bicycling to be fun the bicycle has to fit and be comfortable. There was a time when I felt more sentimental about this bike but that time has faded and I am really, really okay with it. 

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