Wednesday, March 13, 2013

an appreciation: velo cult

An appreciation of my not-so-new bike haunt:

-- The day after I quit working in the bike industry, I rode over to Velo Cult to talk turkey with Sky about scheduling a benefit show there. He was all over it, no questions asked except: "can your people bring in some chairs? All I've got are these long benches." I assured him it was fine. The show was a success.

-- I began hanging out there occasionally during the early fall. I was still sort of reeling from the sudden career shift, and I guess i needed a place to hang out on my day off that felt, well, familiar. Sky and his crew were friendly and welcoming, period.

--Over time I began making a point of spending at least a couple of hours a week there, usually a combination of getting some lesson-planning done and enjoying the bikey vibe in what had surely become the most welcoming bike shop in town. Sweetie told me she was glad I'd found a bike shop to hang out at.

-- a few weeks ago the shop became a sponsor of my bicycling club. It was low-key, no-pressure and easy for all concerned.

--Today, my worlds merged perfectly. I sat at one of the long tables and typed out the finishing touches on a drash -- a sort of sermon -- that I am scheduled to give on Friday night. When I was done, I had a bottle of cider and talked bikes with a customer and then with one of the crew. And then it was time to go home. Until the next time I hang out at Velo Cult, now my favorite bike shop in Portland. 
Sky and crew -- thanks for moving here. Have a lovely weekend, make sure you go riding ta least a little bit, and I'll see you next week --B


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