Friday, July 5, 2013

life, liberty and the happiness of pursuit: a july 4th ride

On Independence Day, Sweetie and I had made plans to take in an evening movie, which gave me some time during the day to enjoy a long, liesurely ride around  the neighborhood. I ended up taking a mellow loop from home along N. Wilamette Boulevard, to the lookout at the University of Portland. From there I rode into downtown St. Johns, had a lunch in a restaurant that time forgot (Pattie's Home Plate; a truly old-school and culinarily scary place that, if it ever closes, will make me sort of sad). Then I rode back home along N. Willamette, enjoying a cooling breeze and the glistening water of the Willamette River far below. Here are a few pictures. More will be posted at Flickr.

Dekum Grand Farm (Urban Farming Collective);

The Lookout at University of Portland;

Pattie's Home Plate Cafe in downtown St. Johns (and yes, the menu includes ads for a local wrestling series); and the beautiful St. Johns Bridge.

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