Tuesday, March 11, 2014

just riding

Today, the sun came out.

Unfortunately, I had an eye exam in the morning that left my eyes dilated and horribly light-sensitive until nearly 3 pm. So any riding today was going to have to be short and local.

First, I downgraded the shifters on the Surly Big Dummy to make it a little easier to sell. Then, I grabbed the Kansas bike and enjoyed a leisurely roll around the neighborhood. It was only maybe four miles, but they were very pleasant, sunny miles and when I got home I felt better for having ridden at all. There is something to Grant Peterson's simple idea that miles don't count as much as getting out and riding, even a little bit. On sunny days, he's especially right.

Just ride your bike, period.

Looking ahead to Spring Break, I have not one but TWO Sundays off from Hebrew school. Luxury! I am considering a longer ride, the first of the year, out to Gresham for brunch and then back again along the Springwater Corridor path. The other possibility is taking the mountain bike up to Leif Erickson road and just pootling around on the gravel a bit. We'll see. Hopefully the weather will cooperate and the sun will come out at least a little. I am seriously OVER winter 2013-14 in Portland.

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