Sunday, October 4, 2015

coffeeneuring challenge 2015:2 - Nossa Familia & mah jongg

As promised, perhaps the most unusual coffeeneuring ride yet: I left the house, rode over the Broadway bridge, and stopped at one of my absolute favorite places, Nossa Familia Espresso bar (NW 13th & Johnson in the Pearl District). Being very broke right now, I planned accordingly and hunted up the last Free Coffee token I'd hoarded from my final cyclocross adventure a year ago, and redeemed it for an absolutely divine cup of iced coffee. I then rode further up into the neighborhood and stopped at the real object of my ride: An afternoon session of Mah Jongg with some of the ladies at my shul (synagogue). Since the weather was gorgeous, we elected to play outside in the congregation's sukkah, where I sipped my coffee, failed miserably at making a winning hand, and basked in the glow of kindness from women who were happy stand-ins for my mother (z'l) and smiled at the comforting sound of clacking tiles. More pictures at my Flickr page. I stopped keeping track of actual mileage this past summer, but suspect I rode around ten miles or so. Cheers!

Oh, and hey -- remember the bike I brought home in the trailer a few years back on my coffeeneuring ride? Well, this is what it looks like today. Fun to ride.

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