Thursday, May 12, 2016

pedalpalooza: it's never too early to plan your bike fun

Portland's monthlong celebration of bicycles, Pedalpalooza, begins June 9 this year. I will be away for a good chunk of it, but since the festival has been extended to early July, I will be able to participate in some bike fun this summer.

I decided to take it upon myself to organize -- if a bunch ofmiddle-aged bicycle iconoclasts can actually BE "organized" -- the annual Riverndell/Bridgestone lovers' ride. This ride, celebrating lugged steel bikes, and Grant Peterson's contributions to bicycling, has gone by several names, including Riv lovers' ride, the Grant Peterson ride, and more. But this year, I've decided to re-christen it the UNracer Ride, in honor of the real reason Grant and others of his ilk are in this bicycle thing.
For a certain subset of us, it's really about riding your bike and enjoying it. UNracing means riding a bike that offers a comfortable position; wearing comfortable clothes; and eschewing the whole racer vibe of lycra, clipless shoes and a bent-over riding position in favor of riding slower, mellower, and decidedly UNcompetitively.

In short, it's UNracing. Which is pretty much the only riding I do nowadays.

So the ride formerly known as the Riv lovers' ride, or the Grant Peterson ride, is now the UNracer ride. This year, it will happen on Wednesday evening June 29. If you're in Portland and want to celebrate lugged steel, fat pedals, mellow clothes and a mellower riding attitude, we're meeting at 6:30 pm at Peninsula Park. We admire each others' bikes and take a decidedly mellow ride that will end up somewhere. Bring money for food and drink at the end.

The rest of the action-packed Pedalpalooza calendar can be found here.

Summertime in Oregon is glorious! Pump up your tires, oil your chain and go for a ride!

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