Friday, August 5, 2016

UPDATE: 1983-4 Sekai Big Foot. refurbished

I bought this bike last fall, because I really liked the fork crown. It was kind of a mess, and cheap. I took it home and stuffed it in a corner of my shed.
This is what it looked like when I brought it home, with lots of parts that didn't work or didn't fit.

Last week, I pulled it out and rebuilt it with some decent parts. Today, it looks like this:
It came together nicely after I pulled off the offending (cheap/broken) parts.
Had to swap in a better triple crankset, pedals, and a more period-appropriate handlebar. I had this old bullmoose-style (Nitto copy) that works well.
I added friction shifters, seatpost and saddle and a buncha small parts.
  Happily, the original brakeset was complete and intact, so I left it alone. It adjusted easily.

And oh my goodness, check out the sexy fork crown.
I am torn. The bike fits me and I could easily keep it as a sort of "house" bike for guests; but most of our guests don't ride much.
Or I could sell it.
Since I don't need a nother mountain bike in my size I am trying to sell it and will see what happens.

I'd prefer pickup in Portland, as shipping would easily cost $70-80 in the usa and I'm only asking $275 for the bike.
Either way, it's nice to bring these old bikes back to a more classic form again.

UPDATE: This bike has found a home with someone who will ride it a lot. I'm very pleased.

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