Tuesday, January 10, 2017

off-season coffeeneuring: cup & saucer killingsworth

After being cooped up in the house for most of the past two weeks because of rain and freezing temperatures, I was going stir-crazy. I really needed a bike ride. So when I learned that today there would be a break in the weather, I decided to capitalize on it with a little ride.
I suited up in wool layers and rain gear and headed out. It was still very cold, in the mid-30s. And it was raining. Still, I had my sights set on one thing: the scones at Cup & Saucer, which closed at 3pm. If I could get there by 2, I'd have enough time to enjoy them with some hot coffee.

I got there in time.
And I was not only cold, I was surprisingly hungry.
So I ordered breakfast.

It was delicious.
Eggs and potatoes and a fresh scone woith butter and jam, and a bottomless cup of hot, fresh coffee (yes, they were still brewing at 2 pm).

It was delightful. So I ordered another three scones to go.

Because early tomorrow morning, I'm heading out of town for a gig and I know that I will want some scones to go with the coffee I'll get at the airport. And I know that nothing I find there will be as good as the scones from Cup & Saucer.

I hope to get in a little bike ride during my working weekend. If I do I'll share about it here. But I won't be wearing wool.
I'm headed to Florida, where the high temperatures will be in the mid 70s. In January.
Yeah. I'm ready.

After I finished my meal, I continued my ride, stopping in at TradeUp Music and then at the CCC. When I was ready to go home, I came out to unlock my bike and discovered that a light snow had begun to fall. And as I rode home in air that was getting colder by the minute, I pondered the reality that one day, I might not want to ride in weather this cold anymore. I already feel differently about the cold than I did just three or four years ago. I'm not as excited about riding when the temperature falls below freezing and stays there for days on end. Even with enough layers, it's just not as fun as it used to be. It's hard to get motivated to ride when the effort of doing so in this kind of cold leaves me more tired than it used to.
I am really looking forward to working for a few days in Florida.
My bones are cold.
Happy riding.

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rickrise said...

That looks like one tasty breakfast!