Monday, November 12, 2018

2018 Coffeeneuring Challenge # 9 & 10 ("Make mine a double")

Everything is bonus now, but since the Challenge is ending soon I've decided to add more as I'm able to. The weather turned cold last week, and this week the lows are down into the 30s at night. The air is cold and dry, and as long as I bundle up it's actually pretty nice riding.
Today I ran errands after my morning's work. My first stop was New Seasons Market on North Williams, to pick up a couple of staples and have a cup of coffee.

Stumptown Coffee makes a special blend for the New Seasons Market chain. It's robust and very flavorful without being overly strong.

I coupled it with a favorite treat -- New Seasons' Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Krispy bar. Try it.

After that, I rode over to a friend's house not far from the market, to pick up my official Unpresidented Brass Band t-shirt. It's a little cold to play gigs in a t-shirt now -- word on the street is that we'll also be ordering hoodies soon -- but it was nice to finally get a t-shirt after playing with these guys a few times.

After I left my friend's house, I pedaled over to Breadwinner Cycles Cafe.

I still had some coffee in my mug, but I needed a bathroom and figured I could find something cheap to buy while I stopped there. I enjoyed a fabulous peanut butter cookie (I can basically eat peanut butter every day. I love the stuff) and relaxed with a magazine while I watched a new frame being brazed.

Breadwinner Cycles, a partnership between custom frame builders Ira Ryan and Tony Pereira,  has grown in both reputation and production since its beginnings several years ago. Today the workshop is housed inside a spacious industrial building with room for a small cafe. A large window allows cafe patrons to watch the craftspeople at work.

I will never buy a frame here -- I have all the bikes I need and they work perfectly fine for me -- but the bicycles made here are exquisite, beautifully and durably-made works of true craft. I've known these guys a long time and am happy to patronize their business in any way I can. (Breadwinner has a nice partnership with Water Avenue Coffee, which is locally roasted and absolutely delicious. Get some.)
I ran a couple more errands on the way home. The air was cooling as the sun sank lower in the sky, and the wind picked up again. Although my bad knee was beginning to complain, I still enjoyed riding along with the wind behind me for a change. By the time I rolled up to the house it was going on 4:30 and the moon was high in the evening sky. When I looked for it again a couple of hours later, it was larger, lower in the sky and about to set.  Long winter evenings are returning, and with them shorter rides in more layers, and hot tea when I get home.

This will possibly be the last intentional ride I log for the Coffeeneuring Challenge. It's been fun, but at this point I've got a ton of prep still to do for my big extended [music] tour of the year, coming up at month-end. I'll ride more, of course, but at this point I'll file future coffeeneuring rides under Off-Season Coffeeneuring (see #alwaysbecoffeeneuring).

Buckets of appreciation to Mary G. for hosting the 8th year of the Challenge. One of my favorite colder-weather ride series and I enjoy it every year. Looking forward to the Errandonnee later this winter, and of course the annual #30daysofbiking next April.

Until then, I'll be looking for reasons to enjoy short neighborhood rides.
Happy riding!

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