Tuesday, January 29, 2019


Today, taking advantage of the sunshine, I spent a couple of hours puttering in the Bicycle Brain Trust. I made some progress on a donated bike that will eventuall be handed off to the Refugee Resettlement program.
Then, I decided to swap in some decent, but lackluster tires that required slightly larger tubes.
Rooting around in the bag that holds my inner tubes, I finally found one that read, "PATCHED" and assumed it was good to go.
Half an hour and eight patches later, it's still leaking.
I' not sure why I gave this thing so much time and energy, but it was nice to stand and let the sun warm my back while I waited for the gue to dry each time.
In the end, I'll probably turn this into a tie-down strap. And I'll have to go buy a couple of tubes.


TrevorW�� said...

Eight patches...!!! I admire your determination to make it airtight.. As you say 'Stubborn' ha..ha..

bikelovejones said...

Trevor -- I've decided I'll stop at ten. ..::wink::..