Thursday, December 31, 2020

Overjoyed: Cleared for takeoff in 2021

 Three days ago, my vision began to clear far more rapidly than it had in the previous six weeks.
Yesterday, my eye doctor declared it good, and canceled the upcoming surgery we'd scheduled just in case. What this means is that I can see well enough to ride my bike around the neighborhood, and that my eye has nowhere to go but up.
So today, I ran a few local errands. It was glorious. In bright sunlight things are still sketchy (note to self: get some cheap sunglasses!), but in cloudy daylight it's pretty good.
I rode all over the neighborhood, starting with a couple of Buy-Nothing Group errands and a trip to the Post Office, and ending with a grocery trip before heading home in the late afternoon sunshine.
It was glorious.

Tomorrow, since it's just another day for me, I'll probably enjoy another little ride, and spend some time jumpstarting things in the Brain Trust. I've got some projects I need to finish up move out to Catholic Charities and elsewhere.

Evidence photo:

I also installed a very small front basket on the singlespeed, a PDW Takeout Basket.
I'll do a writeup on this later, but once I sorted out the installation, it mounted nicely and is just the right size for the bike. Plus, since both my other bikes have a basket or rack up front, I was finding that the lack of a basket on this bike made the handling more squirrely; adding one calmed things down right away.

Wishing you all a 2021 filled with bike rides galore, and hopefully with friends as soon as it's safe.
Happy riding!


anniebikes said...

Wonderful news! Happy you can safely ride again.

Nancy said...

Good news for starting out a new year! Happy New Year Beth — this one has GOT to be better than the last, or at least not any worse!!!

B.J. and JoLynn Ondo said...

Excellent news, have a fantastic 2021 and ENJOY! :)