Friday, December 31, 2021

Fighting like hell to get in one more ride in 2021

It got up to 36F by 10am today, and the sun came out, and the sky was beautiful and winter swirly.

So, against my knees’ protestations, I pulled down the singlespeed, pumped up the tires, and took a little ride around the neighborhood.

I didn’t go very far, because even bundled up I was shocked by the cold. But I made it several blocks down Dekum and took a little loop through the park before turning around and going home.

It felt like a very tiny  hours later, my knees still hurt. I’ll have to slather them with CBD balm tonight at bedtime. And I don’t care. It felt good to get outside anyway. And when the weather warms back up into the 40s next week, I just might have to do it again.

Happy new year.


anniebikes said...

Happy New Year, Beth! Baby steps...

Nancy said...

Happy New Year Beth. Glad you could get out there for a bit of a pedal. We continue to have ice and slick side roads, so no pedaling for me yet. I am in withdrawal mode.

B.J. and JoLynn Ondo said...

So it was good to see you get in a ride! Alas 2022 has come in COLD and snowy here in So. Colorado, did get in a 17 mile and a 10 mile ride in High winds on the 30th. and 31st. but the 31st. ride was very chilly too and then wham, 13F with high winds and snow for New Years Day. Oh well it only snowed 2 inches so as the warming trend comes on by Monday, maybe Tue. Wed. we might get in a short ride and a FOOD run before the next storm head's our way. So 2022 starts on the indoor exercise bike! All the best in 2022 for YOU! :)