Thursday, August 5, 2010

short-track xc: final standings and evidence photos

It's official. I finished fifth overall in the standings in the Womens' Singlespeed class at PIR Short-Track. Considering that I finished last in every race I completed, the key seems to be in the math. If you show up, you win. This invites me to readjust my thinking back to not worrying about where I end up in a race, as long as I finish. But OH! It's SO hard not to get caught up in a sense of competitive spirit about it all. It IS racing, after all.

Three full days after my race, I am beginning to feel like I'm returning to density. I may actually ride the full distance to work today. But wow, these races sure do take a lot out of me. And although I had fun doing it, I may have ridden my first and last short-track relay. Two races in one night was just too much, at least for my body. How much is age, and how much is Crohn's? Sadly, that's the question I may never be able to answer accurately.

Some evidence of participation photos, taken by assorted folks including Jose (Team Cthulu) and Shane Young (Oregon Velo). The middle-aged belly is in full evidence, but since it finished the races with me I am not ashamed. I and The Belly had a pretty darned good short-track run this year. And as crazy as it sounds, I definitely want to come back for more next June.

On a singlespeed bike, of course.

On the course during my race. It was SO hard to will myself to finish, but I did.

(photo by Shane Young)

I swear I was having fun at the relay. Really.

(photo by Jose Sandoval)

And here's possibly one of the sweetest sights of all from that night: the first-ever Womens' Singlespeed podium at PIR short-track (And yes, the winner of the series raced every single week in a skirt. I'd like to see more men do that). May there be many more to come.

(photo by Jose Sandoval)

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