Wednesday, September 1, 2010

shout out to a fellow racer

I want to offer my hearty congratulations to Bicycle Kitty for her third-place finish at the August series of road racing at Monday Night PIR. The roadies are the crazy people who carve tight, fast circles at speeds exceeding sanity on the paved oval track. In racing, when you crash you leave something of yourself out there. In road racing, it can be quite a LOT of yourself.

We have developed an odd mutual-admiration society thing here. She thinks I'm the nut for riding my singlespeed in the dirt and mud, swooping over the rythym sections and around the banked turns and basically riding my brains out on fat knobby tires. I know that she's the one in need of an I-Love-Me Jacket. I went and watched her race last week and gasped as she and the other women jockeyed for position within INCHES of each other, at something like 25 mph, as they approached the finish line.

She's a MONSTAH.
Now if I can just get her to try cyclocross...

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