Sunday, November 28, 2010


This weekend I had no racing scheduled. Thankfully, the deep-freeze of midweek had given way to warmer temperatures (mid-40's) so we got out and finished putting the garden to bed for the year. Not all of these pictures were taken this year, but this gives you the general idea of the steps to take to put a garden plot to bed for the winter:
1. remove any leftover, rotting vegetable plants, tomato cages and bean trellis;
2. weed as needed (a scuffle-hoe makes this easier);
3. lay down alternating layers of compost, cardboard (hose down if necessary -- this shot was taken 2 years ago in a dry spell -- we did not have to wet it down this year) and some kind of mulch material like leaves and/or straw over the top;
4. Let nature do the rest over the next few months, until planting time.

Believe it or not, that cardboard actually does degrade quite a lot during the winter -- especially if we get lots of rain and perhaps a good snowfall -- and by next April or May it will have become part of the enriched soil, nice and loamy and perfect for planting.

The great thing about gardening is that, in addition to growing our own vegetables I get some time to work out with other parts of my body besides my legs. Hauling multiple loads of compost and mulch and shoveling onto the beds is not a bad way to get outside and move around, especially with help from Sweetie.

Still, I hope to get in a short ride today. Of course.

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